Sunday, December 30, 2007

Travis @ Corbin Fisher

via Click'n Cum by Click'n Cum on 12/4/07
Corbin Fisher introduces Travis - a ripped little 23 year old straight hottie. 5′10″ and 145 pounds - this kid is jacked!

Corbin says:

Travis certainly has the potential to become a definite favorite here at CF (keeping my fingers crossed!) depending on the kind of action he's up for.

He has a combination of traits that lift his appeal to incredible heights. He is cute as all hell; he has a wonderfully defined, tight, athletic body; he loves to have sex and is extremely adventurous; and he has this shy demeanor that is terribly endearing and will win you over in an instant. By the time you get through watching his interview, you'll be as excited about Travis joining the ranks here at CFU as I was and you won't be able to see him jerking off!

Again, Travis has a personality that is terribly endearing. He was a bit nervous during this video, and it showed. He's also modest, extremely friendly, and despite his nerves displayed quite a charming sense of humor throughout.

You could tell he couldn't wait to get naked and start stroking his dick, starting to do so before I even asked him to! That's the kind of eagerness we love here at CF! :) I guess that, despite those early nerves, Travis knew his comfort zone involved being stripped down and stroking!


Anonymous said...

OMG I wanna take him home!!!

Anonymous said...

Omg he's the best I've seen

His butt: y
ummy ;)

Anonymous said...

I don't say this lightly - I've seen a lot of porn, and a lot of CF guys - but Travis is absolutely the best guy I've ever desired. He is awesome - dirty and playful with that wonderful politeness that is so disarming ("Can I sit on that?")

Anonymous said...

he has evolved into the most fantastic bottom in corbin's have to see him he is pure lust!!!!!